Content Writer/Blogger at Heights Platform

Content Writer/Blogger at Heights Platform

Your Responsibilities:

  • Writing blog content about online learning, digital marketing, coaching and consulting, and entrepreneurship.
  • Understanding pain points and common problems our customers have, and creating blog articles that provide real value to our creators.
  • Writing and editing content for email newsletters.
  • Updating our knowledge base, and helping us understand where to improve our existing support content.
  • Writing a range of content that appeals to customers at each stage in their journey, whether they’ve just started building their online course, or are an experienced creator with tens of thousands of students.
  • Researching article ideas and discussing them with our founder.
  • Ideally being aware of areas to improve in our content marketing, both in regards to SEO and email sequences.
  • Staying up-to-date with new feature releases to help our customers best benefit from them.
  • Finding areas for potential collaboration and synergy with blogs of other companies and creators.


We’re looking for someone who has:

  • The desire to make impact and help our creators grow their knowledge businesses.
  • Prior experience in a writing or online marketing role. Even better if you are an entrepreneur with a current/previous blog of your own.
  • Can create unique and detailed content, free of errors.
  • Excellent written communication ability. You are able to clearly explain solutions with content that is exciting to read.
  • The ability to constantly learn and improve. Customers with thousands of students will rely on you to help them make their courses the best they can be.
  • Experience in the world of online courses and digital marketing.
  • Experience with SEO is a plus.
  • Experience with basic HTML/CSS is a plus.
  • Experience with Active Campaign is a plus.

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