Raisely: Head of Customer Success

Raisely: Head of Customer Success

As our Head of Customer Success you’ll lead our incredible customer success team. The brief is simple, ensure every charity who uses Raisely is able to hit their fundraising goals.

You’ll develop onboarding journeys (automatic and manual) that set campaigns up for success, ensure we’re providing customer support that people rave about, help new charities start on Raisely, and devise plans to ensure we’re continuing to provide them with value for every year to come.

You’ll be a mentor to our customer success team, and be responsible for expanding our team as we grow. You’ll make sure that our success team is operating smoothly, and that every interaction a customer has with us is helping them hit their impact goals.

Reporting directly to our CEO, you’ll work across our company to ensure that customer experience plays a key role in every decision we make. You’ll identify opportunities to improve, and help steer our team towards our ambitious growth goals.

Ideally, this is a full-time role based in Australia
. However if you’re based elsewhere that’s in a compatible timezone and feel you’re a perfect fit, we’re still interested in hearing from you.

Why work with us?

You spend nearly 2000 hours of your life at work, each year. That’s a huge commitment, so we can promise that every hour you’re spending with Raisely, you’re making the world a better place. Pretty great perk, hey
Plus, the more you help us grow, the bigger our impact gets. And by that we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars big.
Working at Raisely is unique. If you have a great idea, we’ll help you make it happen. You’ll play a pivotal role with an awesome team at a crucial point in the history of our fast-growing company.

How to apply:

You’ve got this far! We really want to hear from you. To apply, email jobs@raisely.comwith your CV and cover letter. Use the subject line “Head of Customer Success”.
In your cover letter, include short answers to the following:
  1. What was it about this job opportunity that made you apply?
  2. We know you could rave on about this for hours, but in your experience, what are your top 3 ingredients for an incredible customer experience?
  3. You’ve been around the traps a bit and you probably have loads of stories about the things you nailed, but what’s one time you didn’t get it right first go, and how did you go about learning from that?
  4. We’re sure you’ve signed up for products before just to see how they run their customer success and product onboarding (…or is that just us?). What’s the one thing you see over and over again that just grinds your gears? What do people get wrong?
We know with diversity comes strength. We want Raisely to be a team of many races, nationalities, sexualities, gender identities, religious beliefs, abilities, and ideas. We particularly encourage indigenous people, first nations, people in minority groups, people with disability, or people without the economic advantage of higher education, to apply for our roles.

To apply:  https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/raisely-head-of-customer-success

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