DotGay Donates $90k to LGBTQ Non-profits

DotGay Donates $90k to LGBTQ Non-profits

The .gay registry committed to donating to LGBTQ charities when it was launching. The donations were meant to be linked to the sale of .gay domain names, but they appear to have donated quite a bit more than they’d committed to.

Earlier this week .gay announced that they’d made a donation of $90k to LGBTQ non-profits, which brings their total donation this year to over $124k.

However at the moment .gay only has just over 6400 domains, which makes the donation level seem disproportionately high. It works out at about $20 per domain. Of course this is not a “bad” thing, but it does show that the company is following through on its commitments to give back.

Prior to the domain extensions’ public launch several of .gay’s registrars also committed to making donations to LGBTQ charities including NameCheap and Blacknight.

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