5 GOLDEN Rules of Cryptocurrency Markets

5 GOLDEN Rules of Cryptocurrency Markets

This is not me, just quoting the wizards and gurus who have spent donkey years in markets. With everything pumping and making welcome gains, here are some harsh but valid reminders for all levels of traders and investors.

Markets know how to humble participants, education is your best friend.

1) Prices never go up or down in straight line. Always expect reversals when euphoria is high.

2) Any move is never certain – anyone who says “definitely” is misleading you. You can only get better probability in any move, that is all you have – your edge.

3) Always have an exit strategy – there is no such thing as HODL (I am serious) – even if you are cashing out in 20 years time, you are just a long term trader.

4) Invest or trade what you can afford to lose (especially in crypto), this is a high risk market, you can lose your equity quick.

5) Best investment is in yourself. Learn, educate and nurture your skills. Markets will always be full of opportunities, you just need to be prepared to avail those.