10 Ways To Promote YouTube Videos

10 Ways To Promote YouTube Videos

YouTube is a very good way to get traffic to your products/web page. So here are 10 ways you can boost SEO on your product videos

1. Choose a title people are looking for

2. Use a good video cover image

3. Explain in the first 10 seconds who you are and what your video is about

4. Try to keep your video under 5 minutes (unless it needs to be longer)

5. Speak in a way that’s easy to understand & auto-translate

6 Put the year in the title (2020)

7. Add your own captions

8. Promote your video as much as possible in the first 48 hours

9. Break your video up with graphics

10. Embed your video in your web page

Tell people not to like or subscribe if your video wasn’t useful (nobody does this and you will stand out).

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